Earn more through Organic Terrace Gardening

Make Money Organic Terrace Gardening

A Strategic Way to Earn by Organic Terrace Gardening

A strategy of Earning more money in your leisure time, by very less investment is really hard to find. You can make your terrace as a money making plant through organic terrace gardening and farming. 

The best part is, the job which earns more money for you is your hobby.

Opportunities in Organic Farming in India

The increased count of organic restaurants and organic food stores in the Indian cities is an obvious evidence of changing trend towards healthy eating habits among the people.

This good effect has increased organic food manufacturers and suppliers as well. The amazing organic farming opportunity in India is evident from the recent trends in the industry.

Organic farming on Terrace Garden

Organic Terrace Gardening and Kitchen Gardening are becoming more popular in India. People started considering the importance of organic farming and the advantages of organic food products such as vegetables and fruits.

Terrace gardening ideas increase the possibility of growing their own vegetables for their daily consumption.

Thus, increasing awareness of organic farming and interest over terrace gardening encourage people in India to try Organic Terrace Gardening.

How to Make money from Terrace Garden

However, how to grow organic vegetables and fruits on our own? Do we have enough land for organic farming?

The answer is “Yes, we have”. A small area on the rooftop is enough to grow organic vegetables for our daily needs.

And the best part is, you can also earn through organic terrace gardening by producing and selling more organic vegetables and fruits. There is always demand for organic vegetables and fruits in the market.

You can sell vegetables almost double or triple the price of regular vegetables. It’s interesting, isn’t it?

I can understand what you think. You have a small terrace area. How to grow more vegetables in a small terrace?

Here, we have a farming technique to crack this challenge. It is called vertical farming. 

You can produce more vegetables by applying the Vertical farming technique in your Garden.

It’s time to know what is vertical farming or vertical gardening? How does it work? Read on.

What is vertical farming?

Vertical farming refers growing plants in vertical layered surface. Vertical farming is an emerging method of cultivating food in vertically placed containers or vertically inclined surfaces.

Vertical Farming
Figure: Vertical Farming Model (Image courtesy: Wikipedia)

The Vertical Forest building in the heart of Milan, China, is a perfect illustration to understand the power of vertical farming.

Vertical Forest Building China
Figure: Vertical Forest Building in Milan, China (Image Courtesy: NYPost.com

Are you thinking of the investment required for this business? Do not worry. You can start this business even with no initial investment.

Tips to start Organic terrace gardening business with less or zero budgeting

Terrace gardening starts with preparing plant containers and soil preparation. Use soil from the nearest or easily accessible farmland.

If you are a beginner, then start with a low budget or even zero budget.

Plant containers and professional vertical setup for farming may require a major part of the business investment. So you can find alternatives to avoid loss in the learning stage.

After, you get the potential gardening skills you can invest in plant containers.

Some creative ideas can help you to reduce your investment. For example, You can also recycle and use old plastic bottles, tubs, battery boxes, wooden boxes as the alternatives for container pots and grow bags.

Caution: If your organic terrace garden is in any hot climate cities like Chennai, then you may need to take extra care of the garden during summer to protect them from the sun. 

However, A small investment on green housing sheet cover could save your garden. If you are a beginner, then I suggest not to start plantation during the summer.

3 tips to choose vegetables for vertical organic farming on terrace garden

Using every inch of your garden is important. Size of the vegetable containers are based on vegetables you prefer to grow.

Moreover, the preferred vegetables must be profitable.

Spending a little time on some creative ideas can make you act smart. I suggest considering the below points.

Occupying Less space = Grow more quantity

High sales price = More profit

Fast growing vegetables = Profit in less time

Thus, your selected vegetables must occupy less space, grow fast and earn more.

Organic Terrace Gardening – Facebook Inspiration

You can get terrace gardening ideas from Facebook groups and pages. Many FB users in India actively participate in Groups like “Terrace Garden Ideas (TGI)” and share their real-time experiences.

Terrace Garden Ideas Facebook Group

Similarly, find useful organic farming or organic gardening related groups and participate. You can also share your experiences and get suggestions from the experts in the groups.

Purchase A Handbook of Organic Terrace Gardening

Knowledge is Power. Learning is highly necessary at any stage of the business.

You can easily get years of terrace gardening and organic farming by just reading and understanding the books of experts in this field. There are many organic terrace gardening ebooks and guides available online.

Buy a Good Quality Terrace Gardening Kit

Gathered Ideas, learned the basics understood the process. Now, what’s next? Get into the action.

Buy a Good quality terrace gardening kit online, or from your nearest shop. This will smoothly run your gardening and farming activities.

[Buy: Terrace Garden Toolkit Online ]

It will also motivate you and make you handle you like a professional.

You can also buy different variety of vegetable seeds with free instruction manual here.

[Buy: 45 Variety of Organic Vegetable Seeds with Instruction Manual]

Soil and Organic Compost

As mentioned before, prepare your soil. Spend some time to read the type and characteristics of the required soil.

Setup planting containers. Also, work on organic compost to enhance the quality of your farming process.

You can process your own organic compost at home. Fill the required amount of soil and organic compost.

Start growing plants from the seeds. Here, I have posted a simple way of preparing organic compost at home.

Organic Compost Preparation at Home

Spend some time to learn from a step by step guide for starting a terrace garden. You have thousands of articles and videos to learn that.

The focus of this article is how smartly utilise your terrace garden to Make money and stay healthy.

Finally, Heal your Soul! Get Satisfied!

If you have a little space on your rooftop and you are passionate about gardening, then you must start this organic terrace farming business.

Because there are more reasons which are beyond making a profitable business.

Organic terrace gardening and farming will keep you and your family healthy.

As a hobby, gardening will heal your soul.

And ultimately, you will get a satisfaction in this organic farming business, since you are offering healthy food to others.

Leave your comments below for your feedback and more queries. If you have additional organic terrace garden ideas, you are most welcome to hit the comment space.

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