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Tips to purchase organic food fruits & vegetables

3 Important Tips to Buy Organic Food

[ratings] Are you really purchasing organic food products from the market? Before purchasing organic groceries, fruits and vegetables, you must understand the ways to select organic food products. Here are the important tips for purchasing organic food from organic stores.

Check Organic Food Label in Packaged Organic Foods

How can you identify an organic product? You can find organic packaged food products based on the organic food labeling printed or pasted on the packages. FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India)had issued a logo to denote organic food products. FSSAI recommends organic food manufactures and organic food retail companies to voluntarily get this logo and mark in their products to promote these products as organics.

Jaivik Bharath Logo is an identity of an organic food product that differentiate the organic and non-organic food products based on this unique logo.

Jaivik Bharath Organic Certification Logo

Jaivik Bharath Logo

List of Fruits and Vegetables that must be Organically Grown 

The below list of vegetables and fruits are most vulnerable to the pesticides. Thus, it is recommended to buy these food products from organic food stores.

  • Apples
  • Tomatoes
  • Potatoes
  • Grapes
  • Spinach
  • Capsicums

Do not purchase think skinned Vegetables or Fruits from Organic store 

Purchasing organic vegetables or fruits with thick skin which you do not eat is a waste of money. For example, banana, pineapple and onions have think skins which we usually remove and do not eat or use to cook.


Testing organic foods may require lab testing, which is not easy for an end consumer. However, for safety purpose, you can wash vegetables and fruits in cold water which may remove around 70% of pesticide residues on the fruits and vegetables. Then, peeling off the skin is the better choice to stay away from pesticide residues.

Organic Food Industry India - Growth Factors

Organic Food Industry in India – Growth Factors

What are the major factors that support the growth of the organic food industry?

Indian Organic Food market is growing rapidly. Increasing health conscious among the customers is an important factor behind the growth of organic food industry in India. The awareness on the excessive pesticides and fertiliser usage in the production of food products has influenced the consumers in India to change their preference towards Organic Food Products.

Growth Factors of Organic Food Industry in India

Organic Food Industry India - Growth Factors

The increasing buying power of the customers is playing a significant role. Improving income level and living standard of people in India have been gradually increasing the sales of organic food products. However, the consumption of organic food product is high in the major cities in India such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Bangalore. The importance towards organic food consumption among customers in urban areas is high when compared to the rural part of India. The awareness level on health issues by the food products produced with the influence of pesticides and fertiliser among the consumers in urban areas is increasing in the recent days. This could be the reason for the increase in organic food consumption among people in urban areas. And obviously, living standard and financial status of these consumers are also considered as the major factors for their change in buying behaviour. The support and initiatives of the Indian Government towards improving organic farming activities are also supporting the organic farmers and the growth of the organic food industry. Indian Government has taken initiatives for organic farming promotion and organic food consumption.

The change in the consumers’ perception has increased the number of organic grocery stores and vegetable stores in the major Indian cities. A report of TechSci Research also mentioned that the Indian organic food sector is expected to grow 25% during 2015 to 2020 [1]. This trend has increased the business opportunities in India. The investment in the organic food industry is also increasing in recent years. Thus, increasing awareness of the benefits of organic food products is not only changing consumers’ buying behaviour but also supporting the growth of the organic food market in India.


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