30 Successful Organic Business Ideas [A Complete Guide]

In this post, I am going to help you to find out profitable organic business ideas to start your own brand new green business in 2020. 

I am sure that you will get quality business knowledge from this guide. 

Because, the businesses listed in this guide includes minimum investment, machinery cost (if any), filtered list of fast-moving products/services, key success factors and primary target customers. 

Moreover, this list not only covers organic food business ideas but also introduces many other businesses that can be started with no minimum investment.  

The list of profitable organic business ideas is categorised into different sections for easy understanding. 

Okay, let us get started.

Organic Business Ideas

Organic Business Ideas

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Section 1: Introduction – What is New and The Market Trend?

What is new in this business list?

Selecting a profitable and suitable business idea from the available opportunities is very essential to achieve success and sustain for a longer run in the business. You would not be set free if you opted and started an inappropriate business since it involves an investment (money and hard work). 

There are thousands of organic business ideas on the internet that drives me crazy. There are many blogs with a shortlist and few with a long list. Many blogs listed only organic food business ideas.

I felt that the selection of certain business ideas may not be a wise decision to a starter in the industry.  So, I decided to make a perfect list of organic business ideas for start-ups with fresh entrepreneurs.

This article would be a guide for people who want to be a successful entrepreneur by starting an organic business. There are also some profitable businesses mentioned in this list to consider other than organic food business ideas.

Our research team made sure that the below recommended organic business ideas are highly profitable after researching the industry trends. Therefore, starting with a perfect target market analysis and a suitable business plan would move you from a pioneer to a leader in your industry with these business ideas. 

Let us get into the overall organic business trend and opportunities.

Market Trend: Organic Business Opportunities

The millennials have been progressively moving towards healthy eating and lifestyle.

Many farmers are changing their conventional farming methods to environment-friendly organic farming by following different varieties of farming techniques that satisfy organic farming standards.

We come across news saying that many Software Engineers and IT professionals turn into organic farmers by quitting their high-paying jobs.

People have started asking questions about the make of products with health-conscious to make sure they purchase natural products that heal their bodies in a natural way.

And, people have started recommending organic businesses and food stores to their friends and family.

All these wonderful changes are inevitable as we have started realizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

As a result of this trend, an extensive number of organic businesses has been started for the last 5 years in India and international markets.  

The role of social media, newspapers, and blogs was prominent in creating awareness among the people about the benefits of organic food products and living in a lifestyle that is closer to nature.

Let us discuss the list of organic businesses that could seamlessly travel with this trend and help you make a profit.

Section 2: Organic Retail Store Business Ideas

Organic Retail Store Business Ideas

1. Start Organic Health Supplements Retail Store

People started consuming health supplements to compensate for the lack of natural vitamins and nutrition from their daily food.

You can sell organic health supplements that are commonly consumed by them. For example, organic Spirulina powder and capsules are the fastest-selling health supplement product. 

You can also manufacture health supplements using natural herbs and sell them in your health supplement store.

Recently, many organic stores offer their own brand of Moringa powder for competitive prices to meet customers’ expectations.

Herbal neem powder & capsules, Fish oil capsules, Green coffee powder, Biotin powder & capsules, Organic vitamin C and B12 capsules, Organic Ashwagandha Powder, Organic Wheatgrass Powder, Organic Triphala powder, and Organic Alfalfa powder are largest-selling organic supplement powders and capsules.

Minimum investment Rs.50,000
Organic certification Not required (unless you sell your own organic produce)
Products Superfoods, Multivitamins, Minerals, Omega fatty acids, Antioxidants, Weight management products, and Sports nutrition
Primary Target customers Male and Female age between 35 to 60, Adults involved in sports and fitness

2. Start Organic Personal Care Product Retail Store

The forecasted growth rate of organic personal care and cosmetics product industry is 10.2% (from 2016 to 2022).

Increasing beauty consciousness and awareness on personal hygiene among both men and women is the growth driver of this industry.

Even men also step into personal care and cosmetics stores to care for their skin, hair, and beard.

Adults in urban areas can be easily attracted to your store by effective promotional strategies.

Minimum investment Rs.50,000
Organic certification Not required (unless you sell your own organic produce)
Products Face wash, lotion, cream, feminine hygiene, hair & beard oil, and deodorants
Primary Target customers Female age between 24 to 35

3. Start Organic Clothing Retail Store

The purchase of organic clothes has been increasing in recent years in Indian markets. Especially, the demand for organic clothing for kids and women has been increasing. 

You can source organic clothing products from many Indian manufacturers who produce clothing products in chemical-free sustainable fibers to attract environmentally-friendly and health-conscious customers.

If you have the ability to produce more or purchase organic clothes for the lowest price, then you can also export organic clothes to the USA and European countries. There is a huge demand for Indian organic apparel in these countries. 

Minimum investment Rs.50,000
Organic certification Not required (unless you sell your own organic produce)
Products Organic casual and formal clothing for men, women (Size: Small to XXXL) and organic clothing for kids and children
Primary Target customers Eco-friendly customers, mothers of children (newborn to 15 years)

4. Start Organic Food Retail Store

Starting an organic food store is a common business idea considered by many entrepreneurs. Although the competition among organic food stores is increasing in urban markets, still you have a huge growth opportunity in this business. 

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Being unique with your strategy, you can stand different in the industry and attract new customers.

Many organic food retail stores do not offer baby foods as a separate segment in their business. You can have a separate section for organic baby foods as a unique strategy to cover many mothers.

Minimum investment Rs.50,000
Organic certification Not required (unless you sell your own organic produce)
Products Organic groceries such as pulses, whole grains, edible oils, spices, masalas, honey, flours, rice, health mixes, dry fruits & nuts, rock salt, sweeteners, and baby foods
Primary Target customers Health-conscious male and female age between 25 to 50

5. Organic Dog Food Retail Store

The booming pet market in India is another door of opportunity to start an organic pet food store. If you are a pet lover, then this is the perfect business for you.

A survey conducted by Dogsee Chew, a leading pet food manufacturer in India among pet owners in Indian cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Hyderabad identified that most of the pet owners are willing to offer natural and organic food for their pets.  

Many online stores in India are selling organic dog food and other pet food. Starting a physical retail store will be highly profitable due to very less number of competitors available in the market.  

Since this is a growing market, you can sell top brand non-organic products as well in the initial phase of business start-up. 

Orijen, Acana, Now Fresh, Farmina Natural & Delicious, Goodness, Little BigPaw and Canine Creek are some of the popular dogs and other animal food available in the Indian market. 

Along with pet food, you can also sell pet accessories to make additional profit. 

Minimum investment Rs.35,000
Organic certification Not required
Products Dog food, other pet food and pet accessories such as pet collars, leashes, pet clothes, pet trackers and pet health monitors.
Primary Target customers Pet owners

Section 3: Organic Restaurant and other Services

Organic Restaurant, Spa, Gardening Services

6. Start Organic Terrace Garden Set-up Service

Organic terrace gardening or Rooftop gardening is a trending concept in urban areas. 

Many young couples and housewives are interested to grow their own food at their place. But, they may not have proper guidance to set up a rooftop kitchen garden. 

Offer terrace gardening services for an affordable cost in urban cities to be successful in this business. 

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You need not spend money on any expensive marketing strategy to promote your service. Satisfied clients will be your marketing agents and they will bring you more offers through word of mouth promotion. 

You can help to set up a terrace garden at offices and schools as well. Many schools in Tamilnadu are maintaining organic kitchen gardens based on the recommendation by the Tamilnadu Government. 

If you are offing terrace garden services in Chennai or other parts of Tamilnadu, then you can grab this opportunity to grow your business. 

You can help the school authorities to start an organic terrace garden even if they do not have enough garden space to grow necessary vegetables, fruits, and medicinal plants.

Minimum investment Nill
Organic certification Not required
Services Terrace gardening services including garden set up and garden designing
Primary Target customers Health-conscious and natural loving Female and housewives

7. Start Organic Beauty Salon/Spa

Usual beauty salons may use skin and hair care products that produced with chemicals such as artificial fragrance, parabens, sodium Laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl. 

In recent days people are aware of the health effects of these cosmetics used in beauty salons and they started looking for organic beauty salons and spas.  

The organic beauty salon industry is growing at a rate of 25% per annum. 

In your organic salon, you can also use organic cosmetics made of natural herms and traditional ingredients like neem powder, methi, amla, and other several herbs for your customers.

Hair treatment using amla hair oil is one of the best treatments offered by many organic spas.

Using quality organic cosmetics, hiring skilled staff and effective promotional strategies will help you to reach success in this business.

Minimum investment Rs. 1,00,000
Organic certification Not required
Services Organic hair colouring, Organic bridal face treatment, Organic collagen boost treatment for face, neck and hands, Organic treatment to reduce dark spots and skin pigmentation and Organic anti-aging treatment
Primary Target customers Female age between 25 to 35

8. Start Organic Food Restaurant

Serving customers with organic and ethnic food can be your primary focus in starting an organic food restaurant business. 

You can set up your restaurant with a natural theme like the use of reusable wooden materials and garden green environment to give a unique experience to customers. 

Healthy menu offerings, taste, an ambitious restaurant environment, and an experienced chef are key factors in this business. 

You can also start offering home deliveries and party orders to nearby customers by preparing organic food from your home kitchen.

Minimum investment Rs. 1,00,000 (to set up a simple restaurant in a rented place, and kitchen equipment)
Organic certification Required
Services Healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner, home delivery and party orders
Primary Target customers Dieting men & women who look for healthy menu and rich hippies who desire ethnic cuisine and organic food

9. Organic Food Truck Mobile Restaurant 

Starting a food truck business is almost similar to starting a restaurant. You need to invest in a food truck instead of an ambitious restaurant set-up. 

An advantage of this business is that you can move food trucks in different places and cover various locations based on customer availability. 

If you want to purchase a perfect food truck, then it will become a huge investment. The cost of a simple food van is between Rs. 1,50,000 to Rs. 4,00,000  

The cost of a perfect food truck in India is Rs.10,00,000 minimum and it may go beyond Rs.20,00,000

Your price range must be affordable to reach more customers since you offer self-service in an open area.

Minimum investment Rs. 1,80,000 (to purchase a simple food van, and kitchen equipment)
Organic certification Required
Services Healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner, and home delivery
Primary Target customers Dieting men & women who look for the healthy menu for an affordable cost

10. Start Organic Cafe and Juice Bar

Starting an organic juice bar is a simple organic business idea for which you need not require any skilled staff or a huge investment. 

You can start a Cafe or Juice bar even in a small rented space (less than 100 square feet) with very less investment. However, opportunities are always there for this business. 

A wide range of smoothies and Herbal Tea could attract more loyal customers.

Minimum investment Rs. 50,000
Organic certification Not required
Services 100% Organic Juices, Smoothies, Organic Coffee, Herbal Tea and Icecreams. 
Primary Target customers Adults age between 25 to 40

Section 4: Organic Certification and other Consulting Businesses

Organic Certification Consultants

11. Become an Organic Food Certification Consultant

Organic food certification is mandatory for organic food producers to market their organic food in the domestic and international markets. 

In order to become an Organic certification consultant, you must be familiar with the certification process. You can represent the organic food-producing companies or retail stores and help them to get organic certification. 

As an individual consultant, you can also do this service as your part-time business.

Minimum investment Nill
Organic certification Not required
Services Support organic retailers and producers to get organic certification
Primary Target customers Organic agriculture product producers, Organic restaurants and Retail stores those who produce their own organic products

12. Become Organic Gardening Consultant

As mentioned earlier, organic terrace gardening services are suitable for people wants to set-up their terrace garden. 

Similarly, forming and maintaining an organic garden within your compound or a farm needs expertise in organic farming. 

If you have better experience and knowledge in organic gardening or farming, then you can offer consulting services for people who maintain organic gardens. 

Initial consultation for garden set-up and regular consulting services to maintain their gardens will yield you a decent amount regularly. 

Minimum investment Nill
Organic certification Not required
Services Support to set-up and maintain their organic kitchen garden
Primary Target customers Homemakers who are interested to manage an organic kitchen garden

Section 5: Organic Wholesale Supply & Manufacturing Business Ideas 

Organic Wholesale Supply and Manufacturing Business

13. Produce Organic Cold-pressed Oil

The demand for organic cold-pressed oil in India has been growing. Increasing the number of many cold press oil retail stores is evidence of the level of opportunity for this business. 

The cost of a wooden cold-pressed oil extraction machine is around Rs. 1,70,000. This is the only major investment in this business.

A small rented area for manufacturing and two staff for manufacturing and delivery are required for managing a small manufacturing unit with one extraction machine.

Minimum investment Rs. 2,00,000
Organic certification Not required
Products All types of cold-pressed oil 
Primary Target customers Exclusive retail stores of cold-pressed oil, Organic retail stores, and Supermarkets

14. Make Organic Soaps

Manufacturing organic soaps for a small business is a simple process that does not require any complex machines. 

However, producing organic soaps on a larger scale requires machinery for fastening the manufacturing and reducing manpower.

Usually, many people do not want to change their brand of soaps which they use for a longer time.

Thus, effective marketing and promotion of a product that clearly promotes the benefits and quality of your soap are important to get new customers. 

Wide range, quality of soaps and marketing standards are key parts of this business. 

The cost of a soap making machine ranges from Rs. 70,000 to Rs. 7,00,000 

Simple soap molds are available in the market for less than Rs. 500 for manual soap making.

Minimum investment Rs. 1,00,000 (for a small soap manufacturing unit with machinery)
Organic certification Required
Products Different organic bathing soap varieties 
Primary Target customers Organic cosmetics retail stores and supermarkets

15. Start Organic Food Wholesale Supplier Business

The organic food wholesale supplier business is a perfect choice for you if you are proficient in negotiation and marketing skills. 

Sourcing products for the lowest price in the market, effective advertising and competitive pricing strategies are key success factors of this business. 

You can also export organic products to other countries if you get products for a competitive price.  

Minimum investment Rs. 2,00,000 (investment may differ based on the type of organic products and quantity of inventory)
Organic certification Not required (if you do not supply your own organic produce)
Products All organic groceries such as vegetables, fruits, lentils, spices, and rice
Primary Target customers Organic food retail stores

16. Supply Organic Dairy Products 

Organic milk is produced by following organic standards without using synthetic growth hormones and antibiotics. 

Producing organic milk needs huge investment and expertise. However, you can be a wholesale supplier and distributor by sourcing organic milk from large scale milk producers. 

You can deliver organic milk and all other types of organic dairy products derived from organic milk to your customers to their doorstep. 

Awareness of the side effects of A1 milk has been reaching people at a slow pace. This may boost the sales of organic dairy products. 

Minimum investment Rs. 2,00,000 (organic milk production may require a huge additional investment)
Organic certification Not required (if you do not supply your own organic produce)
Products Organic Milk, Ghee, Curd, Butter, Cheese, and Paneer
Primary Target customers Milk retailers and families

17. Make Homemade Organic Sweets & Chocolates 

Milk and sugar are the base ingredients of milk sweet and chocolate varieties. Producing organic sweets at your home using organic milk is a profitable business idea. 

Organic jaggery and organic sugar could replace traditional white sugar for producing organic sweets and chocolates. 

Quality, taste, and varieties are the key success factors of this business. 

Minimum investment Rs. 50,000
Organic certification Not mandatory
Products Organic milk sweets
Primary Target customers Sweet stalls, Hotels, and Party orders

18. Manufacture Eco-friendly Carry Bags

The Indian government’s interest over single-use plastic ban forced almost all types of retailers to switch from plastic carry bags to eco-friendly paper bags and non-oven bags. 

In India, 18 states including Madhya Pradesh, Tamilnadu and Maharashtra  have banned single-use plastic carry bags so far. 

Indian population demands a huge amount of eco-friendly carry bags for packaging each day. You can grab this opportunity and promote an eco-friendly environment along with your business. 

An eco-friendly carry bag making machine is the key investment of this business. This cost may vary between Rs. 1,50,000 to Rs. 25,00,000.

Monthly additional expenses need to be considered to purchase of raw materials, labour cost, rental and power consumption  

Minimum investment Rs. 2,00,000
Organic certification Not mandatory
Products Eco-friendly carry bags, biodegradable bags, paper bags and cotton bags
Primary Target customers All types of retail shops and supermarkets

Section 6: Organic Farming Business Ideas

Organic Farming & Poultry Business Ideas

19. Organic Agricultural Farming Business

Organic food manufacturing businesses such as the manufacturing of organic fruits & vegetable farming, organic greens, organic grocery product manufacturing are highly profitable in India.

This business needs an agricultural land and huge investment 

Producing agricultural products by meeting organic standards are mandatory to get organic certification

Some of the common organic vegetables purchased by consumers are

  • Potato
  • Ginger
  • Cauliflower
  • Cabbage
  • Beans
  • Brinjal
  • Capsicum
  • Tomato
  • Peas
  • Coriander leaf
  • Green chilli
  • Radish
  • Long beans
  • Cucumber
Minimum investment Rs. 5,00,000 (excluding land cost and investment may differ based on the type of organic products and quantity)
Organic certification India Organic Certification is required
Products All organic groceries such as vegetables, fruits, lentils, spices, and rice. The product can be selected based on soil type and local demand
Primary Target customers Organic food retail stores

20. Make Organic Manure or Compost

Organic manure or Organic compost is prepared by organic farmers using animal matter, decomposed plants, vegetables, and human excreta. 

Organic manure is necessary for organic farming. Because, organic farmers do not use chemical fertilisers and pesticides. 

Many organic farmers or people who maintain a kitchen garden at their home may not get time to produce their own organic manure. You can help them by producing organic manure and sell them for an affordable cost. 

This business does not require any major investment, huge space or more time to produce and sell organic manure. You can start this business as your part-time work with very low investment. 

Panchagavya is considered as the best organic manure by organic farmers in India. Because, it is organic manure produced from Cow dung, cow urine, ghee, curd, milk, jaggery and banana.

Producing the perfect panchagavya recipe with some initial investment would gain you more organic farmers in your nearest area.

Minimum investment Nill (Panchagavya organic manure preparation may need a little investment based on the quantity that you prepare)
Organic certification Not required
Products Bulky organic manures and concentrated organic manures
Primary Target customers People who grow kitchen gardens and organic farmers

21. Organic Country Chicken Farming

Spreading viral messages on the disadvantages of broiler chicken consumption has been pushing many people to consume organic country chicken (Nattu kozhi). 

However, many country chicken farms also rear country chickens in cages by the same method as they follow to rear broiler chickens. 

The organic country chicken farming business idea is highly profitable if you create brand trust among your target customers by rearing free-range country chickens. 

Pillars of India posted a detailed article on Country Chicken Farming Business Idea along with the tips and budgeting details. This will be useful to understand the advantages of this business idea. 

Minimum investment Rs. 15,000
Organic certification Required
Products Country chicken varieties and eggs
Primary Target customers Meat stalls and Health-conscious meat consumers in your nearest areas

22. Sell Organic Feeding for Livestock & Poultry 

Organic feeding promotes high productivity and good health of animals and birds. 

You can manufacture commercial organic feeding for chickens, turkeys, horses, rabbits and fish. However, sourcing organic feed directly from the manufacturers and supplying to poultry farms does not require huge investment and manufacturing expertise. 

You can also supply organic fruits and vegetable wastes to cows and goats in organic dairy farms. Agricultural processed organic residues from vegetable processing, fruit processing and grain fermentation also can be used as organic feeding for animals and birds. 

Minimum investment Rs. 50,000 (Manufacturing organic feed may need additional investment)
Organic certification Required (If you produce your own organic feed)
Products Certified organic commercial grains, processed residues of organic vegetables and fruits
Primary Target customers Organic poultry farms and individual customers who grow birds and animals 

Section 7: Organic Households & Toys Business Ideas

Organic Households & Toys Business Ideas

23. Supply Organic Household Cleaning Products

Supplying and organic household products from the manufacturer to retail stores and supermarkets is a profitable business. This business does not require any organic certification or huge investment unless you start manufacturing organic household products. 

Very few non-popular brands of eco-friendly and natural cleaning products are available in the Indian organic market. 

If you are ready to invest and manufacture your own brand then this could be an added advantage to bring your organic household products to the top in the market with extraordinary branding strategies.

Minimum investment Rs. 10,000 (Investment mentioned for purchasing initial inventory and distributing the products. Manufacturing organic household products require additional investment)
Organic certification Required (If you produce your own organic feed)
Products Natural hand soap & hand wash liquid, natural floor cleaning liquid, herbal kitchen cleaner, and natural toilet & bathroom cleaner
Primary Target customers Organic retail stores and supermarkets

24. Sell Eco-friendly Natural Toys for Kids

Eco-friendly toys are made from organic and natural materials for child safety. The production materials do not include any toxic or chemical elements (not even for coloring) to ensure environment-friendliness and child safety.

These natural eco-friendly toys are the fastest moving products in popular online stores like Amazon since parents give more importance to the health and safety of their children.

Selling these naturally made toys is a rare organic business with better opportunity. 

Minimum investment Rs. 50,000 (for store set up and purchase inventories) 
Organic certification Not required
Products Natural wooden toys and plush toys for babies and toddlers
Primary Target customers Parents of children (4 months to 8 years)

Section 8: Organic Online Business Ideas

Organic Online Business Ideas

25. Start Online Organic Grocery Store

Indian online grocery market has a large customer base with growing opportunities in both urban and rural areas.  

A virtual online organic grocery store simplifies your selling process and customers’ purchasing process. 

Big Basket is a successful online grocery store in India that sells both organic and conventionally produced food products. Naturally Yours is another organic brand successfully sell organic groceries online.

The only major investment required for this business is to develop an e-commerce website and mobile application. An e-commerce website (with essential features) cost in India is around Rs. 25,000 and this may range up to in millions based on the website features. 

This business requires yearly expenses around Rs.6,000 to Rs.10,000 for a domain, website hosting space and maintenance.

However, this investment is negligible when compared to investing with physical organic store setup and maintenance. 

Effective website / mobile app, quality product, seasonal discounts and timely delivery are the key success factors of this online organic store business.

Minimum investment Rs. 75,000 (Online store, inventory purchase, and transportation)
Organic certification Not required (required only if you sell your own produced organic groceries)
Products All types of organic groceries
Primary Target customers Male and female age between 25 to 50

26. Sell Organic Products in Amazon

Selling organic groceries, cosmetics and household products in Amazon is the best option for those who could not invest a huge amount for their own online store and supply chain practices. 

This mode of starting your online business is more appropriate for the start-up organic products suppliers in India. 

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This online business does not require any major investment like online store development and maintenance.

Minimum investment Rs. 5,000 (for inventory purchase alone) 
Organic certification Not required (required only if you sell your own produced organic groceries)  
Products All types of organic groceries, cosmetics, clothing, and household products
Primary Target customers Male and female age between 25 to 50

27. Start Organic and Eco-Friendly Blog 

In recent years, bloggers are dominating the Internet medium and directly or indirectly influence customers’ purchase decisions.  

Many bloggers are freelancers writing on their own interest and very few are hired by corporations to promote their brands and products. 

Starting an online blog is a perfect fit for you if you have a good command over English and passion for writing. 

You can also write your blog posts in other Indian regional languages with a huge reader base (like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, etc.).  

You can write about the benefits of organic products, product reviews, organic farming strategies, organic gardening tips, organic food recipes and more. But, make sure that your blog is useful to your target audience by providing solutions to their problems and needs. 

Many free online tools and platforms are available to start your blog with no investment. However, writing a professional blog with a custom domain name and hosting requires yearly expenses around Rs. 3.000.

Minimum investment Nill
Organic certification Not required
Products Useful blog posts 
Primary Target customers Internet users, male and female, age between 21 to 45

Section 9: Organic Export Business Ideas

Organic Food Export Business Ideas

28. Export Organic Food Products

Indians are living all over the world. So, there is always a huge customer base in foreign countries for Indian traditional food products and organic groceries. 

Many individuals in foreign countries like the USA, UK and Germany are ready to pay more for Indian organic products. 

So, you can use social media websites to promote your products over these International markets for free of cost. 

Import and Export Code (IEC) is mandatory for exporting a large number of organic groceries as part of your business. You can directly apply for IEC code online in the Directorate General of Foreign Trade website. Some consultancies are also available to register the Import Export Code andy they may charge around Rs. 3500 for this service.  

Overall, organic food export business is highly profitable with low procurement costs from India and high market prices in foreign countries.

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Minimum investment Rs. 20,000
Organic certification Not required (Required only if you export your own organic food produce)
Import Export Code Required
Products Dry fruits, Spices, millets, pulses, tea, oilseeds, cereals and sugar are the most exporting grocery products from India
Primary Target customers Foreign grocery stores and Indians living in foreign countries

29. Export Herbs & Health Supplements

Medicinal plant products such herbal powders and health supplements are also in high demand among international customers. 

Many herbal products are exclusively exported from India to foreign markets. For example, Organic Spirulina and Organic Moringa powders are largely produced and exported from India. 

MSME (Micro Small Medium Enterprises) Development Institute is offering training and certification to individuals and start-up companies to process and export spirulina and other similar value-added products. 

Exporting such organic health supplements is a very successful and profitable business for many small and medium level entrepreneurs in India. 

Minimum investment Rs. 50,000
Organic certification Not required (Required only if you export your own organic food produce)
Import Export Code Required
Products Herbs and health supplements such as Aloe Vera, Moringa, Spirulina, Plant proteins, Biotin tablets, and Wheatgrass Powder
Primary Target customers Foreign health supplement stores and Indians living in foreign countries

30. Export Natural Personal Care Products 

Similar to health supplements, natural personal care products are also demanded by foreign customers from India due to the country’s recognition of ayurvedic products and herbal cosmetics. 

The international markets are shifting to natural and organic personal care products at a fast pace. Changing customers’ preferences towards cosmetics usage and their demand for naturally produced cosmetics strengthens the export business from India. 

As mentioned earlier, Import Export Code is required for all types of exporting businesses from India.  

Minimum investment Rs. 50,000
Organic certification Not required (Required only if you export your own organic food produce)
Import Export Code Required
Products Natural hair oils, Aloe Vera gel, natural shampoo & conditioners, organic soaps, natural fragrances
Primary Target customers Foreign organic personal care stores and Indians living in foreign countries, age between 25 to 45

What Do You Think?

Now you have a list of 30 different organic business ideas under 8 different categories. 

Which organic business is suitable for you to start in 2020.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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