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Cosmetics cause breast cancer

Women, Cosmetics & Breast Cancer in India

Cosmetics Cause Breast Cancer!

Women and Cosmetics

Aggressive advertisements have increased the desire of using cosmetics among the Indian women. This trend has significantly increasing the growth of Women’s cosmetics market in India. A recent study by TechSciResearch estimated that the growth of women cosmetics market in India will be 16% during 2015 to 2020. Increase of urban middle class population and 10% increase in the number of working women are the trends supported this estimated statistics of the growth of Women’s cosmetics market in India [1]. Along with this trend in cosmetics industry, the country is also facing the increasing rate of Breast cancer among women in India. So, is there a relation with the cosmetics and breast cancer among Indian women?

What is Breast Cancer?

What is Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer is a Type of cancer that forms in the cells of the breasts, commonly occur in women & rarely in men. There are around 1 million cases found per year in India. The symptoms are bloody discharge from the nipples, a lump in the breast and change in the shape of breast or nipple [2].

Cosmetics and Breast Cancer

Cosmetics or Personal care products contain various combination of chemicals. They make us feel, look and smell better. But the exposure of these chemical combination are harmful to health. A study identified that Chemicals in your Underarm cosmetics such as deodorant cosmetics cause breast cancer. These chemicals are repeatedly and frequently applied directly on the underarm area which is adjacent to the breast area. The leftover chemicals on the skin causes a dangerous effect on your health. The use of underarm cosmetics has been increased among the women and younger girls even before puberty.  A study conducted by University of Reading identified that women use various kinds of cosmetics those contains different chemicals. They apply cosmetics frequently in the average of 5 times a day. This frequency use of cosmetics and application of excess quantity on their skin increases the possibility for breast cancer [3].  Deodorant is a commonly used underarm cosmetics by both men and women. These contain a different combination of perfume. Perfume is the second major cosmetic that develop asthma among children, which may also increase the possibilities to cause breast cancer [3].

Common list of chemicals used in cosmetics

Cosmetics are daily used by the customers without knowledge of harmful chemicals in the skincare products such as Cuprite goethite, zincite, minimum organic compounds, amorphous carbon, elemental silicon or talc hematite, Parabens and Phthalates. Some cosmetics use even heavy metals such as Lead which is more harmful to human health [4] .

2 Major Chemicals in cosmetics cause Breast Cancer

Parabens and Phthalates are the major cancer causing agents used in cosmetics [5].
Parabens Cause Cancer
Parabens – Parabens act as preservatives in cosmetics such as moisturizing cream, hair cream, shaving cream , gels and other common makeup products. However, the report says many deodorants do not contain parabens. Parabens act as a weak estrogen in human body by penetrating the skin. This turns into breast cancer cells. Parabens are usually found in cancer cells due to its wide usage cosmetics.
Phthalates – Phthalates are mostly used in hair spray and nail polish to hold its color. This chemical is also commonly used in others cosmetics for their fragrances. This, the fragrances of underarm cosmetics like deodorant may cause breast cancer. Phthalates also cause hormone imbalance that indirectly affect the estrogen and testosterone.

How to reduce your exposure to these chemicals and prevent breast cancer?

Reduce the use of underarm cosmetics – Reducing the frequency and quantity of cosmetics could reduce the possibilities of cancer. However, these cosmetics produced with the combination of different chemicals may cause allergies and various skin diseases. Try to avoid applying deodorant directly on your skin in order to avoid the penetration of chemicals into your body. Try to avoid underarm cosmetics and applying moisturizing creams adjacent to breast area. Studies highly recommend avoiding these harmful cosmetics.
Natural or Organic cosmetics – Some working women may face restrictions in avoiding cosmetics since their profession may demand it. Are you one among them? Do not worry. Use of organic cosmetics that are free from chemicals can prevent you from allergies to deadly diseases like cancer. There are many organic stores in India sell organic personal care products. Thus, use of natural organic cosmetics would be a better option.

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is sun flower oil good or bad

Is Sunflower Oil Healthy? Is it Good or Bad for Cooking?

Is Sunflower Oil Healthy for Cooking and regular consumption?

Many of us have not come across this question. We blindly believe Sunflower oil is good for cooking since this oil is widely used for cooking in the world. This is the time to know some factors about Sunflower oil. Sunflower is a widely cultivated oilseed in the word. This oilseed is a good source of energy, vitamins, essential fatty acids and minerals. However, many studies do not suggest this oil for cooking and regular consumption in foods. This article has listed some significant reasons to avoid Sunflower oil for cooking. Sunflower oil is a major source of PUFA (Poly-Unsaturated Fatty Acids).

1. Increases Sugar level

Sunflower oil is not suitable for people with diabetes. This oil may lead to the possibility of increasing the levels of sugar content in blood. A research done on aged rats identified that the regular consumption of sunflower oil increases insulin content level in blood. A group of aged rats was fed sunflower oil included food for two years. In order to perform a comparative study, another group of aged rats was fed olive oil included food for the similar period of time. At the end of the study, results revealed that the health of aged rats those regularly consumed sunflower oil was negatively affected by the increase of insulin level in blood. According to the study, regular consumption of sunflower oil creates age-related disorders (1).

2. High level of Unsaturated Fat

Unsaturated fats are the major reason for the decrease of good HDL Cholesterol and increase of bad LDL Cholesterol. Thus, unsaturated fat has a direct relation with heart diseases, stroke and diabetes. A High-calorie level in Sunflower oil is another factor to avoid for regular consumption since this may cause negative health effects on people with heart disease and diabetes.

3. High Content of Omega-6 fatty acids

Sunflower oil has a high content of omega-6 poly-unsaturated fatty acids. Regular or high consumption food with poly-unsaturated fatty acid is not good for health. Some studies identified that high content omega-6 poly unsaturated fatty acid may increase the chance for prostatic cancer and breast cancer (2,3).

4. Increases toxic compounds while deep frying

Sunflower oil can be easily degraded to toxic compounds while heating. Sunflower oil and Safflower oil are used for deep frying since the smoke point of sunflower oil is high when compared to other cooking oils. However, this could increase the toxic compounds while deep frying due to the high level of poly-unsaturated fat in sunflower oil (4).

Alternative Oil for Cooking

You can consider the following alternatives for sunflower oil to reduce the level of health risks caused by poly-unsaturated fatty acid.

  • Coconut Oil is the best oil for cooking due to the level of its saturated fat. Many studies suggested that usage of Coconut Oil could increase the good cholesterol level. Coconut Oil with full of saturated fat and its good behaviour at high temperature are the major reasons to suggest Coconut oil for cooking.
  • The use of mustard oil is better for cooking when compared to the use of sunflower oil. A study identified that the use of mustard oil for cooking could reduce heart diseases up to 70%.
  • Ground Nut oil is a heart friendly oil which is rich in Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acid (MUFA). It offers a well-balanced diet.
    Although these oils can be considered as the alternatives for Sunflower Oil, I suggest to reduce any type of oil in your diet for healthy life.


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natural lung cleanse home remedies

5 Natural Lung Cleanse Home Remedies | How to Clean Smokers Lungs?

5 ways to detox cigarettes smoking lungs, diet plan

Are you struggling or in the process of quitting cigarette smoking? Or any one of your friend or family member is addicted to this? This is the article for you to save the cigarette smoking lungs by natural lung cleanse methods.
Cigarette smoking is not only injurious to your health but also equivalently harmful to the people who share your smoking moments. They may be your friends, family members, and even your child, get affected by the cigarette smoke. You may quit smoking to improve your health. But, how to clean your lungs which are already affected by smoking? Cleaning your lungs may be much difficult as quitting cigarette smoking.
Here are the five simple ways to detox cigarette substances from the lungs.

1) Drink Organic Tulsi Green tea

Cigarette detoxification requires powerful antioxidant properties. Organic Green Tea is a good source of antioxidant to detox cigarette. Green tea cures the cell damage caused by smoking. Lemon tea and Tulsi tea cleanses your body. Tulsi is also known as Holy Basil leaves. It is highly alkaline and holds powerful antioxidant properties. Thus, Organic Tulsi green tea is highly recommended for fast recovery of lungs from cigarette toxins.
Organic Green Tea is available in most of the online stores. However, buying a quality organic tea at a reasonable price is important. Organic India Tulsi tea is advisable for fast recovery from harmful cigarette toxins.

2) Include Ginger in regular diet

Ginger ensures better lungs health. Ginger tea is a common drink suggested for detoxification. Your regular food diet can include Ginger root consistently for better results. Ginger root and lemon extract with warm water in empty stomach is advised to speedup cigarette detoxification.

3) Consume Garlic for purification

Garlic is a good antioxidant. Garlic contains allicin that cleanses nicotine and other harmful substances from lungs. It also increases the speed of natural body detoxification process done by the kidney and liver. Garlic activates enzymes and flushes toxins out. Garlic is also a natural blood purifier. Garlic ensures the health of the liver and kidneys, which are significant for blood purification.

4) Eat foods that are rich in Vitamin C

Usually lemon and all citrus fruits have rich vitamin C. Lemon drink is effective in cleansing lungs and get rid of toxins. Moreover, lemon acts more efficient with warm water in flushing out cigarette toxins. It is best recommended to take in the morning after wake-up. Papaya and pomegranate are other fruits with good sources of Vitamin C and also significant for detoxification.

5) Drink more water

Always drink more water to flush out toxins from your body. Adding lemon in the drink without sugar may enhance the quality of the detoxification process. Drinking water mixed with raw honey in empty stomach in the morning also speed up the detoxification of cigarette smoke from your lungs.