5 Health Benefits of Spirulina against Killer Diseases – Spirulina Benefits

Spirulina Health Benefits

Spirulina has become popular in the recent days among the health conscious people. The diverse health benefits of Spirulina is the reason for the popularity of this super-food in the market. Spirulina is also available in the market as Spirulina Powder and Spirulina Capsules.

The purpose of this article is to provide awareness on health benefits of Spirulina. If you are new to this word “Spirulina“, you may have some questions.

  • What is Spirulina?
  • What is the Nutritional Value of Spirulina?
  • What are the Health Benefits of Spirulina?
  • What are the common diseases prevented by Spirulina?
Spirulina Powder Health Benefits
Spirulina Powder and Tablets

Spirulina is a micro-algae that grows in fresh water. Spirulina has been consumed as a healthy food supplement since many years. The diverse range of the health benefits of Spirulina made researchers to call it as a wonder medicine.

Spirulina intake increases the resistance to enormous numbers of infections by boosting the immunity power. The anticancer action of Spirulina by its antioxidant properties is also identified from the researches. The role of Spirulina is significant in protecting humans from many diseases and infections [1].

The important health benefits of Spirulina powder is covered in this article.

List of Spirulina Health Benefits 

1. High Nutritional Value

Accordingly to a report by NASA, Spirulina is consumed by the Space Craft Crew, since the nutritional value of Spirulina is extremely high. After NASA recognizing its nutritional value, many health stores in North America, Europe and Japan also started to sell this supplementary food [2].

Another report mentioned that the nutritional value of one kilogram Spirulina is equivalent to 1000 kilograms of fruits and vegetables [3]. Spirulina fulfills all the necessary amino acids, vitamins and minerals required by human body. Spirulina is rich in Vitamin B and minerals. Spirulina holds unusual nutritional profile that supplies basic nutrients in higher level. Spirulina is one of the super foods which provides high level of protein. In 100 grams Spirulina powder, you can get 67 grams of Protein [4].

The nutritional value of Spirulina when compared to other foods is illustrated in the below figure.

Nutritional Factors of Spirulina vs Other Foods

Spirulina Nutritional Facts
Spirulina Nutritional Facts

2. Improves Immune system

Spirulina enhances resistance to viral infections by producing immuno-stimulating effect. Many existing researches reported the benefits of Spirulina in decreasing flu, cold and other viral infections.

The extracts from Spirulina are also effective against various viral infections such as influenza virus, cytomegalo virus and herpes virus. Researches also identified that the the hot water extract of Spirulina have highly promising effects on the human immune system.

3. Effective Against HIV

Anti-viral activity is an important characteristics of Spirulina. Sulfolipids are the anti viral agents derived from Spirulina. This Sulfolipid controls the viral loads caused by HIV [4]. Another study reported that the extracts of Spirulina reduces up to 50% of viral productions caused by HIV replication in blood cells [5].

Another research also mentioned that Spirulina plays potential therapeutic role in Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) [8]. Thus, the Anti-viral activity of Spirulina attracted the interests of many clinical researches.

4. Active in Cancer Prevention

Spirulina extracts have the potential to suppress cancer development by potentiate the human immune system [4].  Phycocyanin is another extract derived from Spirulina. The high efficiency and low toxicity characteristics of Phycocyanin acts severely against cancer causing agent. Thus, Spirulina is considered as an anti-cancer agent [6].

5. Cardiovascular Benefits

Cardiovascular diseases are the major causes of increasing death rates in developed countries. High cholesterol is the primary risk factor for the cardiovascular diseases. A study identified that consumption of Spirulina reduces cholesterol level significantly. Spirulina is a good food supplement for the patients suffered by heart diseases due to its role against blood cholesterol level [7].

Other Health Benefits of Spirulina

The antiviral, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics reported in Spirulina also offers various health benefits by playing major role in preventing AIDS, hypertension, and other metabolic diseases [8]. The other health benefits of Spirulina are listed by a researcher [4].

  • Efficient against Diabetes
  • Liver and Kidney protection
  • Improvement of Blood quality
  • Prevention of Anemia
  • Reduction in Blood Pressure
  • Removal of heavy metals from human body
  • Radio protection
  • Relief in allergic reactions

I believe that you have inhaled the precious role of Spirulina against the killer diseases. There are various brands of Spirulina available in the market in the forms of capsules and powder.

You can also get Organic Spirulina Powder and Capsules in online stores. However, I suggest that getting advise from your doctor to buy a suitable brand and form based on your health condition is a wise choice to get the precious health benefits of Spirulina.

I also appreciate and expect your valuable comments and feedback in the comments section.


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