3 Reasons why Organic Food Product Export Business is Highly Profitable [2019 – 2020]

Organic Food Export Business India

The different climates in different regions in India increase the possibility of producing almost all varieties of organic food products in the country.

India holds No.1 position in the world in terms of number of organic food producers. India holds 9th rank in terms of organic agricultural land in the world [1].

The organic food product export from India was increased 39% in 2017 – 2018

Increase of organic food production in India has enlarged the way to export organic food products from India to other countries. The organic food product export from India was increased 39% in 2017 – 2018 as a result of boosting organic food production in the country.  

Let us discuss why organic food product export business is highly profitable.

Reason 1: High trust on Indian organic food products among other countries

Trust on Indian Organic Products

Highly acceptable quality standard followed by Indian organic food producers is a reason for the high level of trust among the other importing countries.

The National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP) manages the organic production standards, certification bodies and organic farming promotion in India.

The quality standards and certifications approved by NPOP are have been recognised by USDA, European commission and Switzerland as equivalent to their organic food standards. This recognised standard of organic food products produced in India has increased demand in the global market [1].

Reason 2: Biggest buyers of organic food products from India

Organic Food Buyers from India

USA, Canada and European countries are the biggest buyers of Indian organic food products. Many new countries have been adding in the list of the buyers of Indian organic food products. Mexico, Vietnam and Israel are the important countries among them.

The Indian government is also taking initiatives to increase organic food products export to South Korea, Canada, Japan and Taiwan [2].

Reason 3: Highly Profitable Organic Food Products to Export from India

Profitable Organic Food Product Export Business

Spices, tea, cereals, millets, oil seeds, fruit juice concentrates, dry fruits, medicinal plant products, pulses and sugar are the primary organic food products being exported from India to the global markets [2].

These products are commonly produced by large numbers of organic food producers in India. Thus, huge availability of product resource and high demand in the global market will offer a good profit in exporting organic food products.

You may not be an organic food producer in your own organic food production land to gain huge profit in this organic product export business; but you can play a role of an intermediate export agent with good marketing and negotiating skill to bag a huge profit in this business.  


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